Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Favourite Recipe ~ January ~ Mongolian Beef

Favourite Recipe

All I have to say is ‘Thank goodness for Pinterest’!  One of our Goals for 2015 (blog post for that will be coming soon) is to try at least 2 new recipes a month as we became lazy and just kept having the same meals every week. We just couldn't be bothered to be experimental and had just got stuck in our routines!!! So this year should be an adventurous year for our cooking skills!!! Already my spices box has tripled in size and we are only in February haha!!

In January our favourite meal we made was called Mongolian Beef.  I first heard about this recipe from my brother and sister-in-law. During one of the phone calls we had with them whilst we were in Chile, they were cooking their dinner and after my Ryan’s reaction to this delicious meal, I have been itching to make it myself, and my goodness... Josh and I are delighted I did as it is DIVINE!!!

I will leave a link to a blog that has the recipe; I have used this ladies blog for a few recipes and I absolutely love them!!!



Enjoy all!! Let me know what you think of the recipe if you try it!

This will definitely be a meal that we will be cooking very regularly!!!

I apologise about the picture!! I know it doesn't look very appetising but I PROMISE it was DIVINE!!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nail Varnish Stand Love

For Christmas my Nanny Jean gave us some money instead of a present as she wanted us to get something we wanted. So I had been thinking for ages (as you can tell it’s now February - Christmas was 2 months ago) about what I wanted to use the money to buy. I finally came across this absolute beauty on amazon; it was a..

Nail Varnish Stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It’s a bit sad, I know, but I have so many nail varnishes. I really wanted a cute way to display them and an easier way for me to choose a colour without having to mess the varnish drawer up!!

Here is a link to the stand…

The company are Essex signs & display ltd.

I am so happy with it and I will definitely be ordering another one if my nail varnish collection keeps expanding!!
Us girls have to stick together so enjoy and go buy one or two :)
Now who wants to come over for a nail varnish party? :)

Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Love For England & Chile

Reasons why I love being home

· Being surrounded by Family- Even though we live under an hour to Josh’s Family and just under 3 hours from mine, I still have the option to randomly drive to see them whenever I want without it costing the earth!!!

· Communication- Not that I would do this but if needs be, I could talk to a complete stranger & ask them what the time is or even just to talk to them about anything and everything.

· Being independent- I really struggled with this as I felt like the whole time we were in Chile I was hanging off of Josh’s arm as I was too scared to be by myself for the above reason/bullet point.. P.S. Josh absolutely loved it haha!

· Church- I love being able to understand and to be able to input my thoughts into the lesson. I remember during a class in Chile I was caught out by the American sister missionaries, they were laughing at me because I was staring at the ceiling for like 10 minutes as I had just given up trying to understand what was being said.

· Food- I missed being able to have a glass of cold blue (fatty) milk!!!!! Sour cream......sadly we found out that sour cream was being sold in our local supermarket and had never noticed it until it was time to come home!!! Obviously we missed the good old takeaways, Fish & Chips, Chinese, Indian etc.

Things I miss in Chile

· Weather-Having a 7 month summer was incredible. Especially as we had a pool and an open roof top to sunbathe in with 40 degree heat! Loving life!!

· Travelling South America- I absolutely loved nearly every month travelling to somewhere new! I never thought I would ever go to South America never mind living there and being lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to so many different beautiful countries!

· Meeting friends-We were lucky enough to meet some beautiful friends whilst being in Chile, people that I will always stay in contact with!! I cannot wait for us to travel back out to Santiago to visit them!!

· Delicious food- Empanadas, Sopaipillas, Chorillana, Taco Bell, Domino Hot dogs, Pebre and so much more!!!!!!

· Job- I had the BEST ‘job’ ever. Being a Nanny for 2 beautiful families!! I stay in contact with them both and I wish they could have moved back with me so I could still have this job and look after their children all the time!!! I miss learning all the names of Thomas the Tank Engines friends ;) haha!! We had the opportunity to Face Time one of the families last Sunday where I got to see Cristobal (one of the little boys I used to look after) and his new baby brother, I also got to witness Cristobal saying my name for the first time!!! TOOO CUTTEEEE!!!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Younique 3D Fibre/Fiber Lash Mascara Review

So I know what you were all thinking….. WAHHHOOOO she’s home from Chile; no more annoying blogs but I am very excited to post my first ‘beauty’ blog.
Today I am writing about a product I have recently discovered that must literally have been sent down from Heaven.......Younique 3d fibre lash mascara.

Honestly, when my sister tried selling this to me, my first thoughts were that I never believed that it could be as amazing as she was saying it was. I just thought she wanted another sale because she was seriously bigging the mascara up and it sounded too good to be true, but oh how I was wrong.
When I tried it, I was initially a little scared to apply the mascara just because you have to use 2 brushes and the fibre brush looks quite daunting so I made sure my sister was by my side to tell me what I needed to do.  To start with, you apply the gel mascara and instantly the difference it made to my eyelashes was MAHOUSIVE!!  Then it was time to use the dreaded fibre brush; all you have to do is make sure there are no fibres sticking out on the brush and then just apply the fibres quickly onto the gel before the gel dries! After just 1 coat, my eyelashes had been transformed and were now so long and curly (and for those of you who know me, my eyelashes are rubbish, short and do not curl and hardly curl at all) and so I was (and still am) over the moon to have found this miracle in my life!! I normally use the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara and I absolutely could not live without it but now after trying the Younique 3d Fibre mascara, I don’t think I will ever go back.

       Younique 3D                                            Rimmel-Day 2 Night

To take off the mascara I just used a normal face wipe and it came off fine with that.

If you wanted more dramatic lashes, all you would have to do is apply another coat of the gel and then the fibre mascara - and keep applying it until you are happy with how they are looking.
Bottom Right: No Mascara
Top & Lefty: Left eye- Younique 3D - Right- Rimmel Day 2 Night

Here is the link to the younique website in case you wanted a bit more info on the mascara. All I can say is that I absolutely love it and cannot wait till I own my own one!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Chapter 14 - Time to say Adiós

Life In Chile

Chapter 14 - Time to say Adiós
(September 2014)

0 Month to go

I cannot believe that I am now writing this blog post!!! It's home time and I honestly do not know where the time went!!
I am just going to keep this post short as I am getting too excited at the thought of seeing our family and friends again.
We just want to say the BIGGEST Thank-You to everyone that helped us whilst we were in Chile and who welcomed us with open arms and a big wet kiss. We LOVED every second (after I got over the initial shock of being so far away from home). We wish we didn't have to leave all of our new beautiful friends and wish they could come with us.
We are so grateful that we were able to have this opportunity in Chile as well as the many chances to travel to some breathtaking places. We will never ever forget these special memories and Chile will always have a very special place in our hearts!!

Chau for now Chile.
Te queremos mucho Santiago.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Chapter 13 - The Life Of A Nanny In Chile

Life In Chile

Chapter 13 - The Life Of A Nanny In Chile
(August 2014)

1 Month to go

Here are a few things I have learnt whilst being a Nanny:
1.     Getting up early in the morning is never fun, especially when it is still dark outside!! 

2.     The names of every character on Peppa Pig & Thomas The Tank Engine. 

3.     Changing pooey nappies never gets easier or better or less stinkier. 

4.     Putting a child down for a nap makes me feel like I have just accomplished Mount Everest!! 

5.     Never wear white.. a white tee with a splash of carrot & lentil down it is not a good look!! 

6.     Watching Cristobal sleep makes me fall even more in love with him. 

7.     I feel amazing when he speaks to me; shoes, water, turtle & Peppa :) 

8.     I love Listening to him crack up laughing when I do something silly (which is ALWAYS)!! 

9.     To dance and clap like a lunatic!! 

10.    I cannot be a Nanny anymore because I get too attached!!!!

The family I have worked for have really accepted me and welcomed me in as part of their family; they make the most delicious lunches; they invite us over for a couples dinner; the mum of the family texts me every day to check I am ok and if I need anything; they have even offered to drive us to the airport when we leave and much much more!!

We have been so blessed whilst being here in Chile and the family I help out has made things so much living in this amazing country even easier!!! I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to them especially with their second bundle of joy due in December! I am so jealous of whoever gets to work for them next and I cannot wait to come back to visit and see how much Cristobal has grown!! He is my little turtle and I love him so much!!

Being a Nanny is the best!!!!

Chapter 12 - The Crazy Weather

Life In Chile

Chapter 12 - The Crazy Weather
(August 2014)

1 Month to go

As we are now coming to the end of our year abroad, we have taken some time to look back at our time here and our many trips. We quickly realised that we don’t really have the best of luck in terms of the weather when we get a chance to travel.  We have literally experienced every single extreme known to man!! 

-Santiago: You have never had a proper summer until you leave England and spend time in somewhere like Santiago.  It is hot. 38 degree heat, if not more, all of the time, every day throughout the spring/summer time. We didn't see rain for about 7 months.  We almost missed it given that in England the liquid sunshine falls almost every day!!  There is a whole in the ozone layer above Chile too so the sun is extra powerful and you will get 'lobstered' if you spend too long outside basking its rays!! 

-Rio De Janeiro: 44 degree heat and humidity that will make you melt... we were told on our Free Walking Tour that Brazil only has 2 seasons - Summer and Hell :) That was no exaggeration. Torrential rain drenched us during the Carnival but that didn't stop us partying until 5.30 in the morning.. well hardcore!! 

-Viña Del Mar & Valparaiso: The first time we went there, I ended up suffering from sunstroke and threw up all the yummy Churros that we had eaten!! We also found ourselves stuck in torrential rain which caused a certain family member to slip down stone steps... TWICE!!! 

-La Serena: Three of the tours that we had booked were cancelled due to the rubbish wind & rain. We also planned a trip to the Observatory to see the stars and planets as it is supposedly one of the best places in the world to see them.  However, due to the storm clouds, this was also cancelled as not a single star could be seen. 

-San Pedro De Atacama: On our first day, we took a trip to see the famous Geysers del Tatio.  This was freezing, and despite the hundreds of layers that we all wore, we were still as cold as ice.  On the way back to our hostel afterwards, the minibus got caught in a huge sandstorm and we were forced to stay inside for the rest of the day.  We then had to pretty much surrender the second day to the hurricane which relentlessly attacked the village until the evening.  We managed to escape and eat at a restaurant that night only to notice snowflakes falling from the sky as we ate.  The snowfall gradually got stronger and stronger and didn't cease until the morning.  You seriously could have mistaken the desert for the North Pole because that much snow had fallen.  The locals told us that it had not snowed for 13 years and this was the most snow they had seen in over 70 years.  Lucky, or unlucky..?  That is the question!! 

-Iguazu Falls: You should assume that you would get wet on a trip to see some of the most impressive waterfalls that this planet has to offer.  However we were literally soaked through before we even got to see them.  Spells of thunder & lightning, hailstones not torrential jungle rain not only dampened our spirits, but also everything we had with us!!  It was an incredible trip, but I'm sure it would have been every better without the inclement weather! 

-Punta Arenas & Puerto Natales: Given that we had planned to visit the extreme south of Chile (the stepping stone to Antarctic), we thought that we had sufficiently prepared ourselves for whatever the elements conjure up for us.  In a nutshell, nothing could prepare us for what was in store for us.  When we landed in Punta Arenas, we were not allowed to leave the plane for over an hour and half as it was not safe to open the door and leave.  The plane was being constantly batter by 135km/h winds; it would have been suicide to try and make it to the airport door without waiting for the storm to die down.  Even after waiting for what felt like an eternity and despite the various buses that had been strategically anchored around the plane to create some kind of wind-barrier.  Bit useless if you ask me! It was still a nightmare to climb down the steps and make it to sheltered safety. Other than that, it rained a lot, and it was very cold - we did see icebergs, and they don't tend to chill in tropical sunshine!! 

-Easter Island: The weather was crazy on Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua - Easter Island in English!!).  It would literally change every 5 minutes.  On one walk into town from the Hostel, you could go through 3 rainstorms and get sunburnt a couple of times in between.  Its crazy because you can look out across the ocean and see the storm coming as you see the splashes of rains crashing down into the waves.  The nights were quite scary too because our Hostel was right on the edge of the island and so there was no protection from the winds sweeping across the sea.  We had no idea how the roof managed to stay on our room.  We were woken up many times at night by the storms.  It was a crazy place, but one of favourites by far, and an incredible way to conclude an incredible year in Chile. 

Ce Ache Ii, Chi, Ele E, Le, Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le, Viva Chile!!! 

So, the moral of the story.. If you want to go on a beautiful holiday, do not invite us to come along with you haha!!!