Monday, 16 November 2015

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Hi my loves!!!

I have moved my blog to Wordpress and you will find my new blog at

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Jodie and I 'ummmmeddd' and 'ahhhhhed' about attending Beautycon BUT once we saw that one of our favourite YouTube Bloggers was attending all the way from the US of A there was no doubting that we needed to get tickets ASAP!

After a week or two of discussing outfits and things we wanted to buy when attending Beautycon, the beloved Saturday arrived! We awoke around 6am, prepped and primed our faces and hair, jumped in the car and headed into London. We arrived safely at Westfield in Shepherds Bush (thanks to Jodies safe driving skills), used our phones for direction to the Olympia (there is no way I would/could survive without my phone to direct me in every journey I take) and finally we arrived! It was time to make our BIG entrance to HEAVEN………

We were then brought swiftly back down to earth with a crash when we realised it wasnt all we thought it was going to be! It kills me writing this but it was kinda a bit of a let down!

There weren’t that many stalls and after taking time to walk around the few that were there, we found out that most of them weren’t even selling anything.  I LOVE a good freebie but when I had planned on buying lots of things (much to Josh’s dismay) from NYX, it was slightly frustrating.  When we arrived to look around, we were informed that there was nothing for sale and we just had to take a selfie and tag them in order to get a free product!! And this was how most of the stalls were!!

Jodie and I just decided to make the most of the free photo booths hahaha! Who doesn’t love a photo booth!!

Then in comes Carli Bybel to save the day!!! Luckily eagle-eye Jodie spotted Carli and Brett, so we ran over to join the queue to meet her; thank goodness we were there quite quickly as once we joined the queue everyone realised she was there so the queue just kept growing!!! Carli was so lovely and I wish we could have had the chance to just sit down with a hot choccie and have a long chat but we had impatient girls waiting for their turn to take a selfie so we had to be quick! Haha!! Of course we took a selfie with Brett as well; we just didn’t want him to feel left out ;) Right Jodz!! ;)

After that, we just walked around again, listening to some panels they had with other Bloggers - one panel included Sam Chapman which was cool to see and listen to her!!

By then, we were pretty much done, so we took more photos and then we just headed back to the car to drive home!!

I am unsure whether I would go back again as it felt like more of a blogger convention and lots of young girls screaming at their favourite bloggers instead of a make up convention which is what we thought it would have been!! 

But Thank You Beautycon for a fun day with my Sissy

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Amsterdam-Part 2

We were heading to the Keukenhof Gardens today; Callie & I were VERY excited! We had been dreaming of this day for so long haha!! We bought our tickets from a cabin near Central Station and then headed by bus to the airport where we transferred to a Keukenhof bus which took us straight to the gardens. WOW! As you enter the gardens, you are welcomed by such beautiful flowers (PS it may sound boring but it truly isn’t; there’s so much to do and see in these gardens). Callie and I dragged the boys along and made them pose for photos with us, in order to get a good new ‘profile/Instagram pic’ haha! We enjoyed a delicious curry hot dog at a pit stop between flowers :). I will just post lots of pictures as it’s pretty self-explanatory!

After an hour or two we decided to go and rent bikes outside the gardens from a place called Rent-A-Bike Van Dam where we decided it would be hilarious to hire tandem bikes!! None of us had ever ridden a tandem bike before so we couldn't stop laughing at the beginning as we tried to set off with everyone watching us! We cycled under a bridge which led us to breath-taking views!! Callie turned round to me and we both just squealed!! We pulled up and grabbed the camera and selfie-stick (a must!!) and snapped away. The pictures don’t do it justice; it is such a beautiful place and we just couldn’t believe people got to live right next to the fields and that they are able to stare at them every morning when they woke up!! #JEALOUS
We headed to a few more tulip fields and enjoyed cartwheeling and jumping in the row of tulips (some tulips were harmed in the process….CALLIE!! ;)) but we had so much fun!!

 We were so gutted to leave but we had to get back to the apartment so we could pack up, have something to eat and then head to the airport!!
Once we stepped onto the plane we were all dead and although I didn’t want the trip to finish, I was happy to be back in my bed, and I am sure Callie and Austin were happy to be sleeping in a normal sized bed again haha!!

Now we have to start planning our next trip!!