Friday, 4 April 2014

Chapter 6 – Rio De Janeiro - Part 2

Chapter 6- Rio De Janeiro
Part 2

Life In Chile

Chapter 6 – Rio De Janeiro - Part 2
(March 2014)
6 Months to go

Day 2

We had heard from a friend (Shout out to Sophie :) ) about this Free Walking Tour in Rio and that it was a must, so of course we woke up and went to the meeting point for the tour. 

As you can see by the photo above it rained :(

Here is a list of a FEW things that the tour included:

1.    Confeitaria Colombo- A posh café/restaurant that is apparently quite famous, but it is also famous to us Englanders as apparently this is where the Queen visited to have her English tea haha typical!

2.    We were then shown Carmen Miranda’s home. I just know her as the fruit lady haha! Her home has now been turned into a restaurant.

3.    Teatro Municipal- Just a theatre really but quite pretty on the outside.

4.    The Chilean steps- Our favourite!!! I will let you google what the Chilean steps are about haha!! Once again packed full of tourists but SO worth it!!

The tour then finished, we grabbed some Brazilian food to eat and then headed for our exciting tour around the Maracaná Stadium. It was SO cheap to walk around the stadium without a tour guide!!! We just loved picturing the World Cup Final and being able to say we’ve been there hehe!!

We then headed back to our Hotel to get ready for our BIG night ahead of us. Yes, we were lucky enough to get tickets for the RIO CARNIVAL!!!!!! Yes, you read that right! We could not believe our luck that we had come to Rio on the week of the Carnival and we were able to get tickets for the biggest carnival of the year. Oh, I forgot to mention but I am sure you have seen by the picture, it had been raining ALL day and was now raining SOOO much more. Here are the before pictures and you will see there was definitely no point in dressing up or doing my hair or make up!!!!

We decided to leave the Carnival early as we were so tired and there were only 2 more samba schools left. Can I just add we arrived to the event at 7:30pm, we arrived back to our hotel at 6am!!!!! Just remember we left EARLY, I dread to think what time it actually finished haha! We just wanted to get out of our wet clothes and into our dry clothes and sleep in a warm cosy bed haha! But, it was an incredible experience and we were definitely so lucky to have the chance to go be a part of it!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chapter 6 - Rio De Janeiro - Part 1

Chapter 6- Rio De Janeiro
Part 1

Life In Chile

Chapter 6 – Rio De Janeiro - Part 1
(March 2014)
6 Months to go

So I just want to start by saying this was the BEST little holiday EVER!!! I am not and will not ever do it justice so I am just going to TRY and keep it short and sweet with the writing (this was a lie! I wrote this at first and now I have decided to put the days as separate posts as it was too long and boring altogether haha!) and just have lots of photos : ) WAHOO!!  Josh and I originally were only meant to be in Rio De Janeiro for 3 days but you will see at the end of this post why it was extended to 4 haha!! Enjoy people x

Day 1

We arrived at the Rio de Janeiro airport around 9am. We had to catch 2 flights, 1 that went to São Paulo where we had a 5/6-hour layover but this is where we had to have our ‘sleep’ to give us energy for a LONG day. This definitely didn’t happen for me :S. We then went from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. As we stepped off the plan we were welcomed by 34 degrees, I’ve never been so hot!!! We arrived at our hotel and checked in early, unpacked and then went back downstairs to book us onto a tour.

Representing Kaba :) You're welcome Dad :)

 Here is what the tour included:

1.    Maracaná Stadium- World Cup Stadium baby.  This is where the final will be played :) 

2.     Cathedral- Now from the outside this place looked manky to me and it looked like it came out of an Indiana Jones movie but then we walked inside….I will let the pictures speak for themselves!!

3.    Christ The Redeemer- One of the many amazing wonders of the World. We were so excited to be here after seeing tv shows, photos, videos, comments about this statue we just couldn’t believe that we were here/there standing in front of him. As you can see everyone taking photos had at least 1 person photo bombing that photo haha! It was packed to say the least, there are about half the people full on lying down on the floor to get a good photo of the statue it is mental! BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!!

4.    Sugar Loaf Mountain- I just want to start and say this is not for the faint-hearted haha! To reach Sugar Loaf you have two trips, one cable car takes you to another mountain and then the next cable car takes you to Sugar Loaf but when you get into that cable car you will not think you will ever make it to the mountain as it looks like the cord/rope/death trap what ever you would like to call it will snap, SO SCARY! I just kept my head down in both cable cars :) I am such a wimp! But WOW, once you arrive onto Sugar Loaf mountain and look out at the view you will completely forget about the ordeal you have just gone through and have to go through again on the way down. By the time we reached the top it was dark but it didn’t ruin the view at all, it was just so beautiful to look out and see all these shining lights across Rio especially Christ The Redeemer! That was glowing like no other :) Such a beautiful view!

Our Tour Guide :)

We arrived back to our hotel after a LONG day and we couldn’t be bothered to find a restaurant as we were so tired that we just went and got a casual Maccy D’s, so exotic haha! We both ordered CBO’s and shared a TRIPLE cheeseburger :).

To Be Continued